Legal/Regulatory ERM Domain

This presentation will analyze the various factors contributing to the growing increase in nuclear verdicts over the recent years. From shifts in societal perceptions to the dynamics of juror influence, we'll dissect the complex factors fueling these monumental decisions. Explore the role of courts…
This webinar will provide health care professionals the best practices for supporting transgender and gender-diverse youth.
In the webinar, "Gender Affirming Care for Minors: Standards of Care and the Law," we delve into the intricate intersection of Standards of Care and the legal landscape shaping gender-affirming care for minors.
The Enterprise Risk Management for Health Care, Fourth Edition, from AHLA and ASHRM addresses both the need for, and implementation of, a comprehensive enterprise risk management process and plan.
Gain profound insights into the often overlooked impact of Fair Housing Act (FHA) and American with Disabilities Act (ADA) on diverse senior living providers.
Earn 1 Continuing Education Credit with JHRM article "A guide to mitigating audit log-related risk in medical professional liability cases."
The webinar covers major trends, critical labor shortages, legislation, regulations, penalties, liabilities, and related costs.
The Guide to the CPHRM Exam Legal & Regulatory Domain helps prepare test-takers for legal and regulatory questions on the CPHRM Exam.
The CPHRM Online Practice Exam: Legal & Regulatory Domain, helps users identify their areas of uncertainty in legal & regulatory portions of the CPHRM exam.