Hazard ERM Domain

The Enterprise Risk Management for Health Care, Fourth Edition, from AHLA and ASHRM addresses both the need for, and implementation of, a comprehensive enterprise risk management process and plan.
The webinar covers major trends, critical labor shortages, legislation, regulations, penalties, liabilities, and related costs.
This webinar recounts relevant stories and lessons learned from the frontlines to help you improve emergency management at your health care facility.
Learn the key elements of an emergency management program for clinical services and clinical processes for maintaining services in an emergency.
Prepare for a Crisis Standard of Care Plan implementation, including new risks that may arise as resources become more scarce.
This webinar discusses how a Crisis Standard of Care (CSOS) impacts care provision, ultimately providing guidance on rationing of care.
ASHRM Annual Conference & Solution Center is the leading event in health care risk management. ASHRM 2024 bridges the gap between distinguished risk management leaders and curious early-career professionals.
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