Call for Volunteers

Share your expertise, network with colleagues and enhance your CV by volunteering with ASHRM. Current members are encouraged to find out more about contributing their time and skills to a committee or task force that suits their interests and experience. Volunteers play a very important role by participating on a committee or task force; providing thoughtful input to deliberations; and focusing on the best interests of ASHRM’s membership while working toward accomplishing our goals. ASHRM could not be such a success without our great, dedicated volunteers.

Fortunately, we have many gracious volunteers and we do require that those appointed are able to participate on a regular basis. Appointments to committees and task forces are for a two-year term, beginning Jan.1, 2020.



ASHRM's committees and task forces:

Advocacy Task Force
Committee members serve as subject matter experts for federal legislative and regulatory issues of importance to ASHRM members. They will make recommendations for the advocacy agenda to the Board and implement advocacy plan.
Timeframe/Commitment: Beginning in January 2020, approximately several hours per month will be required to research issues by conference call or email; knowledge of legislative and/or policy issues is helpful.

Annual Conference Committee
Committee members develop the program content for the 2020 Annual Conference.
Timeframe/Commitment: Mandatory face-to-face planning meeting will be held during February 2020; additional work to be done by conference call and email, including follow-up with speakers; on-site responsibilities at 2021 Annual Conference.

ASHRM Social Media Team
To regularly participate in relevant conversations on social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Exchange) and support ASHRM’s social media strategy by staying abreast of ASHRM’s social media activity and engaging accordingly. Additionally, share relevant industry information, share/promote/like/retweet ASHRM’s messages, monitor postings, identify trending subjects, hot topics, questionable postings or noteworthy interactions.

Policies and Procedures Committee
Committee members will review and revise the policies and procedures under the direction and guidance of the ASHRM Board.
Timeframe/Commitment: Beginning January 2020, work may be completed in a single phone call; if changes are needed or requested by the Board, additional calls and online work will be necessary.

Chapter Leadership Task Force
Task Force members develop and implement plans to create a mutually beneficial and supportive relationship between ASHRM and its affiliated chapters. Tasks include developing and delivering the chapter leader workshop at the Annual Conference, hosting chapter leader webinars and possibly developing other chapter resources and communications.
Timeframe/Commitment: Work will begin in January 2020.
Members are required to 1) be currently serving on an ASHRM chapter board OR 2) have served on a chapter board within the past two years.

Education Development Task Force
Task force leads the development, implementation and evaluation of ASHRM’s virtual educational programs designed to meet member needs, in alignment with ASHRM’s educational strategy and curriculum map. Timeframe/Commitment: Work begins in January 2020 by conference call/email. Task force members will have additional work outside of the monthly conference calls.

Educational Scholarship Task Force
Committee will advise on the activities for ASHRM Academy and the ASHRM Annual Conference Scholarship.
Timeframe/Commitment: Evaluate applicants and select recipients in January 2020 and July 2020.

Forum News Task Force
Task Force members solicit, write, review and edit articles for the Forum.
Timeframe/Commitment: Work will begin January 2020; strong writing and editing skills desired; must be able to follow established timeline and meet deadlines.

Journal Editorial Review Board
Review board members will advance the Journal by publishing research and analysis that drives improvement in both the literature and practice of health care risk management; solicit, peer-review and edit articles for the quarterly Journal of Healthcare Risk Management.
Timeframe/Commitment: Must be willing to solicit, write and review articles, serve as author liaison, follow established timeline and meet deadlines.
Requires expertise in one or more of the following areas:
Evidence-based health care risk management, enterprise risk management, clinical risk management, patient safety, quality improvement, risk financing, claims and litigation, healthcare preparedness, risk management tools and techniques, the health care risk management workforce, and other timely risk management issues.

New Member Task Force
Task force members agree to contact approximately 10 new members per month to welcome them to ASHRM and answer questions new members may have about ASHRM membership. Contact is typically made via phone, using email as a backup.
Timeframe/Commitment: Work will begin in January 2020. Task force members are expected to check-in monthly with new members and participate in monthly conference calls.

Patient Safety Task Force
Develop and implement strategies and tactics to enhance ASHRM’s relevance in the patient safety arena to achieve the goals outlined in ASHRM’s strategic plan. 
Timeframe/commitment: Timeframe/commitment: Work to begin in January 2020 and work will be conducted by conference call on a projected monthly basis, but may vary in frequency based on deliverables/program needs

Physician and Advanced Practice Providers Task Force
To identify strategic actions, areas of interest and engagement opportunities that ASHRM may utilize to support physicians and advanced practice providers in the risk management community.

Professional Ethics Committee
To review the conflict of interest statements of nominees and investigate and make recommendations, as needed, in response to issues of compliance with the Conflict of Interest policy.
Timeframe/Commitment: The elections work is concentrated in May and June 2020 and is conducted online and by conference call.