Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Certificate Program - ASHRM

Hospital leaders and risk managers must be prepared for a wide variety of situations that involve risk, such as disruptions in services, pandemics, and changes in reimbursement structure. Health care organizations are now facing higher levels of risk as they implement new care delivery and payment models.  Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) practices allow health care organizations to better anticipate, recognize and address the various risks associated with transformational changes. An ERM program provides support to manage uncertainty and focus on the issues critical for successful value creation.  Learn ERM theory, principles, and concepts; identify needs, stakeholders and data for ERM; create and drive an ERM strategy.

This unique “blended learning” program provides a three-prong approach to ERM concepts, strategies, and application. The program pre-work begins online, where participants will work both independently and collaboratively to begin exploring ERM concepts and strategies. Next, participants and ERM faculty meet in-person, and engage in robust discussion, case studies and practical application. Lastly, the program concludes online, advancing the learning and in-person application by allowing for ongoing communication and collaboration among participants and faculty.

There are nine modules total, eight of which are online pre-work modules that must be completed prior to face-to-face class.  The eight pre-work modules should take no more than 4-5 hours total, and the one wrap up module should take no more than 1 hour.  The modules are listed below:

  • Overview
  • An Introduction to ERM
  • Decision Analytics
  • Risk Identification and Assessment
  • Diagnostic and Assessment Tools
  • Evaluation and Monitoring
  • Big Data
  • Preparing for On-Site Application
  • Wrap Up

The ERM Certificate Program is an experience – it is truly a unique opportunity for you to engage with peers and faculty.  Engagement starts with the online course, and completion of these modules improves the classroom experience.  The online modules introduce you to your peers and faculty, prepare you with robust content, application, and resources, and help the faculty customize the face-to-face class.



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