ASHRM's Strategic Plan


To advance safe and trusted health care.


To lead and represent health care risk professionals and support them with resources and knowledge to manage
enterprise risk across the health care continuum.


Advance risk professionals by providing clearly defined learning pathways and valuable resources to position them to advance within their organizations.


  1. Create a career-building education program that is valuable to members, especially next-generation professionals and those new to the field. 
  2. Create a self-assessment related to CPHRM to help members determine where their strengths and weakness are in relation to CPHRM domains. 
  3. Identify resources to help members strengthen their knowledge in each domain of the CPHRM exam. 
  4. Create a career path infographic to help members explore risk management career options and identify next steps they can take to help them advance along the career path they choose. 
  5. Identify and respond to member needs for career advancement  including the needs of young professionals, those new to the field, and those from historically underrepresented groups. 
  6. Create chapter-based mentorship resources that resonate with diverse audiences and next-generation professionals.

Elevate the risk management profession by leveraging AHA connections to reinforce the value of having a leadership-level risk professional as a trusted advisor.


  1. Expand ASHRM health care risk education into new audiences, including but not limited to those from underrepresented backgrounds, young professionals, and those new to the field. 
  2. Develop a recognition communications plan to highlight member accomplishments. 
  3. Survey risk professionals to gather data about current ways risk management functions are structured within health care organizations, to help ASHRM assess whether we need to create more guidance on how organizations structure risk functions. 
  4. Develop knowledge exchange with emerging health care companies — such as tech companies, non-hospital-based companies, or others in evolving risk areas — to promote diversity of thought, innovation, and collaboration.

Establish authority in the field and drive innovation and change in the evolving health care environment by encouraging collaboration for diversity of thought.


  1. Leverage ASHRM’s relationship with AHA leadership to promote the value of risk professionals to AHA members. 
  2. Elevate ASHRM’s profile by speaking about ASHRM and the importance of enterprise risk management at events attended by the health care C-suite and by creating articles or professional publications for C-suite audiences. 
  3. Demonstrate the difference between health care organizations with or without a risk professional in the C-suite to highlight the value of the risk professional as a trusted partner.



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