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Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Resources


Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) provides a framework for achieving safe, reliable health care, and is a key ASHRM initiative in its mission to promote safe and trusted health care. The following resources have been developed to help you and your organization adopt and implement an ERM program at a hospital, clinic or any other health care facility.



Health Care Enterprise Risk Management Playbook, Second Edition

ASHRM Enterprise Risk Management Playbook, Second Edition
Operationalize Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) for your organization, with concepts, strategies and tools for developing a new ERM program or understanding an existing program.

The ASHRM Enterprise Risk Management, Second Edition serves as a guide to identify opportunities and strategies to advance ERM practices throughout health care organizations and care delivery models. Developed in collaboration with subject matter experts from outside of the health care field, including noted financial ERM expert James Lam, this playbook covers the more advanced aspects of ERM. This playbook compliments the foundational concepts in ASHRM Health Care Risk Management Fundamentals and ASHRM educational offering. New to the Second Edition, this publication utilizes the COSO integrated framework of enterprise risk management, which is founded in strategy and leadership.

Notable Features:

- Crosswalk of COSO Framework and ISO 31000 Guidelines
- Step-by-step guide on how to quantify your risk
- Sample ERM plan and job description
- Includes tools & other ERM resources

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Downloadable Resources & Tools

Enterprise Risk Management: Implementing ERM
Health care organizations have made significant strides in developing ERM programs, but there is still much work to be done. To facilitate this process, ASHRM has adopted an ERM definition and an ERM Framework for use in health care. This framework is based on that developed by the Council of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO) in 2017. This white paper will graphically display the Framework and describe key structural components necessary in any health care setting. Use this Framework to help build consistency in your efforts to move ERM forward.

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Enterprise Risk Management: Readiness Assessment Tool
The intent of this ERMRAQ tool is for you to gain information regarding the readiness of your organization to implement ERM practices or the maturity of ERM initiatives already initiated.

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ERM Quick Reference Tool
A two-page document that quickly outlines the framework for ERM, including guiding principles and domains.

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Resources for Boards and Trustees

Boardroom Brief: Encouraging a Risk-Aware Culture to Drive Value
Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) can advance internal control of material risk and allow an organization to generate greater value from strategic and operational activities. To achieve these advantages, organizations must embed ERM elements into their culture and structure and examine the nature of the risks they face. This ERM for Health Care Boards document identifies the key benefits to enhancing a risk culture.

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Enterprise Risk Management for Boards and Trustees: Leveraging the Value
Developed in collaboration with the American Hospital Association’s Center for Healthcare Governance, this reference explains the ERM approach, the framework, the benefits and value of ERM. It details the Board’s role in ERM and provides a case example.

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ERM Education Opportunities

Health Care Enterprise Risk Management Playbook, Second Edition

Enterprise Risk Management Certificate Program

The ERM Certificate Program provides an insightful roadmap to best practices while preparing health care risk management professionals to balance risks with rewards. This highly interactive program will prepare you to be a knowledgeable resource to senior leaders and the board, by developing an individualized ERM framework and action plan.

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