Learn how to identify the 5 steps of Enterprise Risk Management, apply ERM to the prevention of falls with injury, and create lasting value.
Don't miss this opportunity to gain practical knowledge, exchange ideas, and discover solutions that can enhance risk management practices in the clinical industry.
Examine different technologies available to health care professionals and discuss how adding a location based alert notification system or RTLS Staff Safety solution can help responders identify and address workplace violence incidents.
In this session, you’ll learn how this partnership can help your organization better understand sustainability, its role in your overall ESG program, and the potential impact on performance.
This session will provide an overview workers’ compensation claims in health care settings and recommendations for return to work programs to limit exposure.
Cole Haney discusses the changes insurers have made, concerning War Exclusions, and what you need to be covered.
Join the conversation as Paul talks about professional growth, mentorship and how to become an award-winning risk professional.
Learn how to get involved in speaking opportunities, writing opportunities, and the chance to earn respected designations.
Review the current state of maternal morbidity and mortality in the U.S., discuss primary drivers of obstetric risk, and outline how risk management professionals can engage with and support perinatal teams