Risk Management Strategy

The CPHRM Online Practice Exam: Health Care Operations Domain, helps users identify their areas of uncertainty in health care operations.
This strategic plan includes three overarching goals: Advance Risk Professionals – Advance risk professions by providing clearly defined learning pathways and valuable resources to position them to advance within their organization. Elevate the Profession – Elevate the risk management profession…
The program will highlight the ways in which a CMO can amplify the quality, safety and risk message in a hospital.
The purpose of this foundational course is to expose risk managers to the potential for criminal charges or civil complaints against a health care provider who is involved in medical malpractice.
This webinar will discuss the key role risk managers play to prevent opioid-induced respiratory compromise.
This webinar explores different ways to diagnose and treat liability risks by using the designer’s toolbox.
This webinar-based self-study identifies similarities and differences between physician practice and risk management and hospital risk management.
Health care risk managers are a diverse group of professionals who help ensure safe and trusted health care delivery. They serve in various roles across the country, with job descriptions unique to their organizations.