Patient Safety Risk

Learn how to identify the 5 steps of Enterprise Risk Management, apply ERM to the prevention of falls with injury, and create lasting value.
Review patient safety concepts and learn to effectively apply them to support improved patient care and outcomes in your organization.
ASHRM Academy provides comprehensive courses that advance participants' grasp and application of risk management concepts.
The CPHRM Online Practice Exam: Clinical Patient Safety Domain, helps users identify their areas of uncertainty in clinical patient safety.
The Guide to the CPHRM ExamClinical Patient Safety Domain helps prepare test-takers for Clinical Patient Safety questions on the CPHRM Exam.
This webinar will explore simple strategies that practices can adopt to improve diagnostic safety through partnering with patients and their families.
This eLearning program aims to assist you, the risk manager, to be better able to influence the process, culture, and essential relationships.
The American Society for Health Care Risk Management Patient Safety Award recognizes organizational excellence in patient safety; and celebrates the efforts of risk management professionals in promoting patient safety across the health care enterprise.   Learn More    
Long-term Effects of Teamwork Training on Communication and Teamwork Climate in Ambulatory Reproductive Health Care Volume 40, Number 4, Q2 2021
This webinar will open the conversation about how the view of the training participants influences the acceptance and utilization of communication tools, and what organizations should consider when striving to improve communication processes among staff as well as between patients/families and the…