New White Paper: Behavioral Health Care in the Inpatient Medical Setting

New Release! Part 3 of the ASHRM/AHA Behavioral Health White Paper Series

DescriptionBehavioral Health White Paper Pt 3 Cover

The ASHRM/AHA Behavioral Health White Paper Series offers guidelines for managing patients with behavioral health settings beyond the inpatient setting and links to resources to assist providers. Part 3 of this free resource covers the many aspects and considerations required for providing care for these patients in the inpatient medical setting.

Behavioral health disorders present in every area of the inpatient hospital setting. Patients can be admitted for a medical issue and also have behavioral health and/or substance use issues or develop a behavioral issue as a result of being hospitalized or dealing with chronic or terminal illnesses. Part 3 of the White Paper Series covers the considerations and knowledge required for treating or managing patients who have behavioral health issues including:

  • Logistics, facilities and staff competency in inpatient settings
  • Safety and security, including suicide and homicide risk assessment
  • Special considerations concerning domestic violence and other at-risk populations

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