Growing as a Risk Professional: The Importance of Local Chapters


Professional associations play an integral role in professional development, yet many risk professionals do not know of or fully utilize local or state professional associations.

By joining and actively engaging with a local professional association, risk professionals can learn about emerging risks and state rules and regulations impacting the health care industry and the risk management field from local subject matter experts. The local professional association will provide up-to-date information on federal and/or state legislation, local claims trend data, practice changes, and hot topics relevant to the risk professional. Many local associations host job boards and often provide educational opportunities to help build leadership skills. This paper seeks to identify and inform the risk professional on the various benefits of joining and becoming involved in their local professional association.

Chapter Benefits White Paper

This paper delves into the benefits of belonging to and being active in a local chapter. Active engagement at the local level will uncover various opportunities for the risk professional to participate in committees, give presentations, build leadership skills and a professional network, get to know other risk professionals, and maximize their chapter membership benefits.


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