Advisory Board
The ASHRM Advisory Board is elected by the membership to set the strategic direction of the society and ensure plans are implemented to advance its vision and mission.

ASHRM 2022-2024 Strategic Plan
ASHRM members entrust ASHRM leadership to guide the society's activities and ensure they align with ASHRM's Vision and Mission. To meet that responsibility, ASHRM's Advisory Board periodically revisits ASHRM's road map to ensure it continues to advance safe and trusted health care. Through careful analysis of industry trends, membership needs and shifts in the HRM profession, the ASHRM Advisory Board has developed the ASHRM 2022-2024 Strategic Plan which includes an updated Vision and Mission, and revised Goals.

ASHRM Charter (PDF)
Establishes ASHRM as a Professional Membership Group of the American Hospital Association.

Policies and Procedures (PDF)
The policies and procedures governing ASHRM, including officers, committees, elections, membership, chapters, and other operational issues.

Election Procedures and Candidate Rules (PDF)
The purpose of this procedure document is to set parameters and describe the process to be followed during ASHRM’s nomination and election process, in accordance with ASHRM Policies and Procedures

Code of Conduct (PDF)
Guidelines are designed to assist members in determining and recognizing appropriate professional conduct, from professional responsibilities to conflicts of interest. 

2021 Business Meeting Minutes (PDF)
These are the approved minutes from the most recent ASHRM business meeting, held at the Annual Conference each year.

accordance with ASHRM Policies and Procedures