Emergency Preparedness Resources

Hospitals and health care providers must prepare for all types of emergency situations. These threats include natural events such as extreme weather events and large scale infection outbreaks, in addition to manmade threats such as terrorism and mass shootings. The American Society of Health Care Risk Management offers these resources to help hospitals develop emergency preparedness plans, policies and procedures.

Journal of Healthcare Risk Management
The effect of an active shooter response intervention on hospital employees’ response knowledge, perceived program usefulness, and perceived organizational preparedness (Volume 38, Issue 1)

A meta-analysis of hospital evacuations: Overcoming barriers to effective planning (Volume 34, Issue 3)

Unhealthy complacency: The vulnerability of US hospitals to direct terrorist attacks (Volume 37, Issue 3)

When it comes to securing patient health information from breaches, your best medicine is a dose of prevention: A cybersecurity risk assessment checklist (Volume 36, Issue 1)

Impact of health care adversity on providers: Lessons learned from a staff support program (Volume 36, Issue 2)

Care at the point of impact: Insights into the second-victim experience (Volume 35, Issue 4)

The experiences of risk managers in providing emotional support for health care workers after adverse events (Volume 35, Issue 4)

ASHRM Publication
Heath Care Risk Management Fundamentals
The essential resource for risk management, patient safety, insurance, legal, financial and other related professions in health care. See the section on Emergency Management.

ASHRM Live Education
HRM Certificate Program Module 2: Applications in Health Care Risk Management
The HRM Certificate Program, a cornerstone of ASHRM’s professional development opportunities, covers key aspects of risk management while providing valuable continuing education credits. Leading experts, professional contacts, powerful tools and impactful lessons are just some of the valuable ways in which participants and their employers can benefit from attending the HRM Certificate Program. Disaster Preparedness is an important subject area that is covered in HRM Module 2.