ASHRM CPHRM Exam Preparation Guide, 7th edition

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ASHRM CPHRM Exam Preparation Guide, 7th edition

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The ASHRM CPHRM Exam Preparation Guide ePub/eBook, 7th Edition, includes 110 Practice Exam Questions. It will help you prepare for the Certified Professional in Health Care Risk Management Certification Exam.

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This printed textbook was developed by subject matter experts to help you prepare to take the Certified Professional in Health Care Risk Management (CPHRM) examination offered by the American Hospital Association Certification Center. The CPHRM certification is the recognized and desired certification of health care risk management professionals, and is sought by many employers.

This is the ultimate resource for helping you prepare. It is organized by domain of practice and exam specifications. It covers many key content areas, key terms, acronyms and has a 110 question practice exam.

Product Code 178941
Pages 110
Category Health Care Risk Management (CPHRM)
Author ASHRM
Published 2019

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Introducing the 2023 CPHRM Exam Preparation Flashcards

We are excited to announce the release of our brand-new 2023 CPHRM Exam Preparation Flashcards. These flashcards are the perfect way to supplement your study efforts and ensure that you are fully prepared to take the exam. The flashcards are designed to be used separately or with ASHRM’s CPHRM Exam Preparation Guide 7th Edition. 

Here are just a few of the benefits of using the flashcards:

  • • Covers all 5 CPHRM exam domains
  • • Easy-to-use format
  • • Convenient and portable
  • • Includes 230 questions 


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